Jack Alexander

This script and production is indebted to the work of Jack Alexander.  His tireless devotion to writing the wonderful book, McCrae’s Battalion: The story of the 16th Royal Scots (which was a twelve year process!) was a real inspiration to us creating the show.  It has been the source of much of the historical information in the production and we would encourage anyone with an interest in the story to read it. 


Our story focuses primarily on the involvement of the Hearts players that served together within McCrae's Battalion.  However, there were 1400 men who enlisted to serve, including players from other clubs like Hibernian, Falkirk, Dunfermline and Raith Rovers to name a few.     

We would also heartily recommend a visit to the website of the McCrae's Battalion trust - which has an amazing array of information about the history of the Battalion and the details of their story.  

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